La Mexicana - Authentic tacos in Auckland

At La Mexicana, we take immense pride in crafting our authentic corn tortillas using the traditional nixtamalization process. Our commitment to quality begins with the careful selection of premium, non-GMO corn sourced right here in New Zealand. We believe that starting with the finest locally grown ingredients is essential to delivering the taste of Mexico to New Zealanders. Since our establishment in Auckland in October 2020, we've been dedicated to bringing the flavors and traditions of Mexico to the heart of New Zealand.


Spinning corn into Gold

Why are La Mexicana tortillas so tasty? We begin with NZ-grown corn and use the age-old Mesoamerican technique, Nixtamalization, to transform maize into nourishment. Next, we employ lava stones to grind it into smooth masa dough, which we cook into fresh tortillas daily.

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Corn tortillas are made on the spot so you have fresh tortillas always

Nothing beats a fresh baked tortilla

Once our masa is ready, we bake our tortillas with our specialised oven. This tortillas will later become delicious tacos at our shops, or at home.

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Corn Tortillas

Our tortillas are made in-house with 100% nixtamalized, New Zealand-grown corn. Naturally Gluten-free.